What is Synvisc®? 

Synvisc® is an injectable solution that contains a substance called hyaluronan and it is directly injected into the knee joints by a professional doctor to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Synvisc® is a proven knee pain treatment and it helps to Reduce Knee Pain by restoring the shock-absorbing effect of the fluid in the knee. After getting injected, the patient may feel some joint stiffness, joint swelling, injection site pain, redness, itching, or headache.

Why is Synvisc® Used For? 

Synvisc® has been formulated to treat pain and damage caused by osteoarthritis, particularly in the knee joints. Knee joints that have been affected by osteoarthritis (OA) have a diminished amount of synovial fluid in the joint spaces, and supplementing the fluid with this intra-articular implant introduces the much-needed lubricant between the bones. Your patients can then move much more freely and without crippling pain. Individuals who have not been able to Curb Their Symptoms With Oral Pain Medication (e.g. acetaminophen), supplements (e.g. glucosamine), mobility support gears (e.g. knee guards), or other forms of non-pharmacological treatments can opt for Synvisc® to decrease discomfort and prevent further degeneration of the knee joints.

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How To Inject Synvisc®?

Evaluate your patients’ suitability for receiving intra-articular injections by conducting an examination of the damaged joint, and by obtaining their medical history. Just before injections, sanitize the proposed area of treatment and Remove Any Fluid Accumulation if necessary. Ensure that the package is unopened and still in sterile condition before use, and ensure that the syringe has been kept at the appropriate room temperature. The methodical injection techniques are as follows:

  • Twist the cap on the syringe and pull it off gently to minimize product leakage.
  • Attach and secure an appropriately-sized needle (18G to 20G needle, depending on injection area) to the prefilled syringe containing the implanted gel.
  • Administer the gel into the synovial cavity of damaged joints.
  • Dispose of any unused gel, used syringes, and needles safely.

How is Synvisc® Made?

Synvisc® is formulated using hydrated Hylan A and B polymers. These Hylan polymers are of animal origin, as they are derived from rooster combs, and are chemically Cross-linked For Amplified Viscosity And Elasticity. The resulting injectable gel is viscoelastic and has similar properties to the naturally-occurring synovial fluid found in our bodies. Once injected, it can provide lubrication and mechanical support to damaged joints.

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Side Effects of Synvisc®:

There are no severe side effects of Synvisc® as rare cases are reported of it. But the common side effect of the medication is listed below!

  • Pain in Limbs
  • Fever
  • Chills Or Goosebumps
  • Vomiting Or Nausea
  • Stinging Or Numbness
  • Weak Legs Resulting In Trouble Walking
  • Reactions From Injections Like Redness Or Swelling

Cautions To Take Synvisc®:

If your doctor has prescribed you Synvisc®, then you should talk to your doctor in particular about your medicinal records and any sensitivities or infections. Also, cautions to take Synvisc® is to get a complete medical check-up to ensure any symptoms of Viral Diseases or Seasonal Allergies. Keep your physician updated about your body changes. If you feel something is strange or not normal, then consult your doctor right away.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How often can we get Synvisc®?

It is a single dose medicine which can be given three more times but with intervals.

2. Is Synvisc® effective for bone to bone?

No, it does not help in bon to bone issue and bone transplant is the only solution.

3. Is Synvisc® steroid?

No it is a non-steroidal drug.