What is Aqualyx®?

Aqualyx® is an injectable solution made from Deoxycholic Acid and it targets fat in stubborn areas and is used to dissolve excess fat under the skin. Aqualyx® is a specially formulated solution that is injected by an expert health professional or dermatologist into the problem area to remove fat then the fat naturally gets dissolved by the body. Aqualyx® is helpful to Treat Almost All Small Deposits of Fat and its results are fast and effective.

Where Can Aqualyx® Be Used?

Aqualyx® can be used in small pads, patches, or pockets on the fatty areas of the body. It depends upon the patient's Body Fatty Area where it is necessary. Usually, it can be used around ankles, upper arms, hips, abdomen, double chins, inner thigh, buttocks, waist, and folds on the back to eliminate the excess of fat in those body areas.

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How Does Aqualyx® Work?

Our body has its own natural system to burn excess body weight. Acidic Bile is naturally produced by the liver to help in breaking down the fat. Aqualyx® is a compound solution that is safe to use and it is injected into the body fatty areas to remove fat by breaking down fat cells. Once fat cells are dissolved, then fat can be easily burned.

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Side Effects of Aqualyx®:

Side Effects of Aqualyx® include but are not limited to:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Light bruising

These and other side effects will usually resolve within a few days. You may need to take over-the-counter painkillers to control any pain-related side effects. No Major Side Effects of Aqualyx® use have been reported so far.

Cautions To Take Aqualyx®:

There will be some discomfort after the Cautions To Take Aqualyx® Treatment and initially you get some swelling and bruising, and get this medicine. Always prefer a specialist to get treated because it is not the job to be done by any uncertified and unauthorized practitioners.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does Aqualyx® fat dissolving work?

A solution is injected into the localized deposits of tissue into areas that liquefy the fat cell and destroys it permanently. The lipids (contents of the fat cells) are then released and eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

2. Aqualyx® is a great alternative to liposuction. Is it?

Aqualyx® is effective and minimally invasive, unlike liposuction which requires invasive surgery, general anaesthetic and significant downtime after treatment.

3. When will I see a significant result from Aqualyx®?

Results are fast but it's recommended to have between two and five sessions to see a significant effect. Younger patients are more likely to see results after a longer period of time.

4. Who can do this treatment?

This treatment should only be done by a doctor or nurse who has been trained in how to administer these injections.

5. Which areas can be treated with Aqualyx®?

The commonest areas that are treated are under the chin, for the double chin area, the stomach, front of the stomach, the sides, the saddle bags and around the hips. The knees can also be treated as well.